The 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules

Gun Safety Rules

Gun ownership is a celebrated and protected right but with this right comes responsibility. One of those responsibilities is the need to know and follow the rules of gun safety. The 4 universal gun safety rules are not hard to remember and can help people not only be safe when handling a gun but also inform them on how to hold one.

Here in this blog, we have compiled the four rules of gun safety when applying for concealed handgun licence:

Always Assume That The Gun is Loaded Fully

By the expert of Texas license to carry online class, you must always treat a gun as if it is loaded and ready to fire. This is the most important rule of gun safety and is the first step to preventing accidental gun injury or death. This also applies to any area where you are likely to encounter a gun, such as a gun range. Never assume that a gun is not loaded simply because you do not see anyone around. You should also assume that the gun is always loaded even if it is in a holster.

Never Let The Muzzle Point At Anything You Are Not Willing To Destroy

This is the most important gun safety rule for Texas concealed carry, and the one most frequently violated. Never point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. The area in which you point your muzzle is the area in which your bullet will strike, should you discharge your firearm. If you point your gun at an object and fire, you can be absolutely certain that your bullet will strike that object, or if it passes through that object, it will continue in a straight line past the target, until it strikes something else.

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until You Decide To Shoot

If you want to remain safe while shooting a target, or while aiming your gun at a person threatening you with it, remember: always point the gun in a direction where there is no risk of harming anyone else as this can cause accidental firing. In recreational shooting and even in a critical situation – never aim your weapon at something you would not want to destroy. DO NOT EVER point a gun at something you don’t want to destroy, but if you mistakenly do, and your finger is off the trigger, you’re less likely to shoot that thing.

Choose The Safest Spot

Another most important rules of gun safety is that you should always take necessary measures to ensure that a third party is not injured from any misses. Reciprocating firearms have a relatively high muzzle velocity and in case of a miss, you might send another projectile towards your target, over it or behind your target’s back depending on the trajectory of your bullet. For this reason, always attempt to set up your shooting area away from the structures which can’t be penetrated by your bullets. Residential areas aren’t ideal for a shooting range, so if you are planning to use live ammunition make sure that you place an additional layer of safety padding (hides) between you and non-hostile individuals.

Final Words

The four universal gun safety rules are something every gun owner should know. All of us who own guns should constantly remember the four universal gun safety rules. They are simple and easy to understand. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to go over the safety rules with your instructor and then to review them regularly. For more information on the rules of gun safety, consider connecting with the experts at TX Conceal and Carry.

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Gun Safety Rules

The 4 Universal Gun Safety Rules

Gun ownership is a celebrated and protected right but with this right comes responsibility. One of those responsibilities is the need to know and follow


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